Ignition Interlock Devices

Ignition Interlock Program

(Wyoming Department of Transportation rev. 10/22/15)

Ignition interlock devices must be installed on any vehicle operated by anyone who has been convicted of certain alcohol-related offenses. Drivers may be allowed to drive an employer's vehicle, which does not require a commercial driver's license, for work purposes only. Offenders will be notified by mail of the mandatory ignition interlock requirement once the conviction is entered on their driving record. Offenders should make sure they have updated their mailing address with WYDOT Driver Services so they will receive notification in a timely fashion.

An ignition interlock restricted license shall not be issued to any person who is not eligible by state statute. An ignition interlock restricted license shall not be issued to any person holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Following are eligible convictions and the required ignition interlock time periods (offense July 1, 2009 and after):

Driving Under the Influence (alcohol-only involved) {determined by 10 year period}

  • 1st DUI, with blood-alcohol content of .15 percent or greater – six (6) months  (BAC determined by Department’s administrative action for offenses July 1, 2011 and after) 
  • 2nd DUI – one (1) year  
  • 3rd DUI – two (2) years  
  • 4th or subsequent DUI - lifetime (may appeal to the court after five years) 

The suspension or revocation time period associated with an alcohol-related offense, or refusal, may be longer than the requirement to have the ignition interlock device. If an offender chooses to remove the device prior to the end of their suspension or revocation period, their driving privileges will again be withdrawn until the suspension or revocation period ends and all re-licensing requirements are met.

People who are revoked must also comply with any and all testing required to be re-licensed. 

Offenders are required to:


  • Have a Wyoming approved ignition interlock device in their car.  The device must be installed in Wyoming by an approved installation site & Wyoming certified technician.  However, the maintenance calibrations can be done either in Wyoming or out of state by a WY approved device provider installation site;
  • The driver must produce written verification that the ignition interlock device has been installed, and verified by the department. 
  • File SR-22 insurance with the department; 
  • Pay the $50 reinstatement fee;  
  • Apply for a special "IIR" restricted driver's license. (In addition to regular license fees, the $100 IIR administrative fee is required).

Once the "IIR" restricted license is issued, any vehicle an offender operates must be equipped with an approved ignition interlock device for the mandatory period required by law. Circumventing or disconnecting the device will result in additional legal action, driving penalties and additional ignition interlock required time.   Anyone assisting with device tampering and/or circumvention may also be subject to criminal and/or suspension action.

Below are independent, private companies whose ignition interlock device meets the specifications required by law in Wyoming and approved by WYDOT Driver Services program. Costs may vary, so please contact them for information and to make an appointment with an approved installation site and certified technician within Wyoming:


Indigent persons (Wyoming  Statute 31-7-401) required to operate only vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device may have ½ the costs of obtaining and using such device paid from funds made available by the state.  A person shall be considered indigent if they are able to produce evidence that they are eligible and qualified to participate in the federal supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP).

To see if you are eligible, you will need to submit the application for Ignition Interlock Assistance.  If approved, the $100 Administrative license fee would not be required when applying for the Ignition Interlock license.

If you have any questions regarding the Ignition Interlock program or requirements, please call Customer Service at 307-777-4800.

 Wyoming Department of Transportation (rev. 10/22/2015)



Download a copy of the WYDOT Ignition Interlock Program document here.