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I was in a bad spot when this attorney helped me out. You are a fool to even think about another lawyer. I am so grateful. Thank you.

Mike took on my case very late into a truly exhausting and frustrating legal experience. From the moment hired, he was straight forward, professional, and curated a truly impressive defense on my behalf. Taking my case all the way to jury trial (on short notice), he showed true prowess in regard to the law(s) in question and provided me with the best service I've ever encountered in any legal matter I've been a part of.

Mr. Vang is a consummate professional with an outstanding reputation in the Wyoming bar. He ensures that every one of his clients gets first-rate representation, every time. As a fellow lawyer, I do not think twice about referring clients to Mr. Vang.

Michael is the go to attorney for my DUI referrals. When things are on the line, he provides a professional defense.

I highly recommend this lawyer. Mr. Vang is a national leader in DWI/DUI defense. Not only does he pioneer new and innovative defenses, but he provides his clients top notch services

Mike is my go-to lawyer for constitutional and other questions about DUI / DWI cases. He is as smart as anyone I know and works tirelessly to ensure his clients' constitutional rights are not violated. Mike also has regular wins in front of juries on DUI / DWI cases. His hard work and intelligence pay off time and again in solid outcomes for his clients. I absolutely endorse Mike and regularly refer my Wyoming clients his way.

Mike Vang is the exact kind of attorney you want in a DUI or criminal case. He is zealous and thorough, has a fantastic understanding of the science, and is extremely creative and determined. I have seen his work and he is a credit to the profession. I am proud to endorse Michael Vang and to recommend him to anyone who needs criminal defense services in Wyoming.

I think there is not enough space here to describe how happy I am with Mr. Vang as my attorney. If you want a great, honest, smart, capable and funny attorney, Mr.Vang should be your choice! He is really the best!

He has the complete skill set to negotiate and or try any criminal case.

Mike is a great lawyer.

Michael Vang has all of the skills of a trial attorney as well as an appellate lawyer.

Mr Vang is a fantastic lawyer. I have only watched his practice for approximately 3 years now but his dedication and results are outstanding. I would say he is one of the best in the country at what he does.

I've known Mike for probably 12 years and have been fortunate to hear him lecture at national conferences and to interact with him on legal issues numerous times. He is a fiercely dedicated advocate and is always willing to assist other attorneys by sharing his research, his legal writing, and his innovative ideas.

Best lawyer around. He'll tell you like it is and doesn't mess around. A real ace in the hole.

If a family member was arrested for driving under the influence in Wyoming, my next call would be on the phone to ask for his help.

I say this as a national appellate attorney with a LLM from NYU and having studied the legal motions and briefs for years. I would know that, whatever else, Mike Vang had their back.

No attorney can guarantee you a victory in your case, but if you want the best chances of winning or at least the best possible deal for your circumstances then Michael Vang is the attorney you want in your corner. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable in the field of DUIs. Thank you Michael for the outcome in my case.

I hired Mr.Vang in the moment when I was completely desperate. I was charged with DUI after I was detained, arrested and mentally tortured by two Laramie Police Department officers. Furthermore, City of Laramie 's prosecutor just continued the torture. I could not find attorney in Laramie, whenever I would ask someone for advice,everyone would suggest to plea guilty and not to put myself in bigger trouble. Calling Mr.Vang actually returned me to life. Not that he supported me as attorney,every time during that horrible stressful process,when I was close to give up, I would go and talked with him,and immediately, I got my energy renewed! He was fighting for me like a lion! Mr.Vang is amazing attorney,but what impressed me even more is his feeling for justice!He new I did nothing, knew that I am the victim of evil people,and he put all of his knowledge and energy to save me and my reputation. And furthermore, Mr.Vang is very funny person, I always left his office with positive vibes (even if I came frustrated). He did practically impossible thing: After the city excluded exculpatory evidences (blood results showing no drug nor alcohol), excluded expert witnesses, excluded key witnesses on the day of trial, Mr. Vang won the case, he saved me, my reputation, my future! There is no better DUI attorney here than Mr.Vang! Combination of intelligence, justice and great sense of humor!

Mr. Vang took my case over part way through just before an unexpected, but forced jury trial. He was very knowledgeable in the science behind DUI's as a whole. From the blood sampling to the field sobriety test. He worked very hard with his limited time and resources and I would recommend him to family and friends.

I hired Mr Vang on a very short notice. He is very impressive lawyer he gets to the point and his knowledge is very Impressive. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Thanks to Michael's due diligence the justice system prevailed in my case. This was and is the only circumstance this has been true in my personal experience.

Vang is an awesome lawyer he won my case!