I think there is not enough space here to describe how happy I am with Mr. Vang as my attorney. If you want a great, honest, smart, capable and funny attorney, Mr.Vang should be your choice! He is really the best!

Marina L.

He has the complete skill set to negotiate and or try any criminal case.

Mike is a great lawyer.

Michael Vang has all of the skills of a trial attorney as well as an appellate lawyer.

Mr Vang is a fantastic lawyer. I have only watched his practice for approximately 3 years now but his dedication and results are outstanding. I would say he is one of the best in the country at what he does.

I've known Mike for probably 12 years and have been fortunate to hear him lecture at national conferences and to interact with him on legal issues numerous times. He is a fiercely dedicated advocate and is always willing to assist other attorneys by sharing his research, his legal writing, and his innovative ideas.